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Therapeutic Massage


**Blue Cross Blue Shield and Univera Insurance Accepted**

Massage Therapy is an ancient healing art form which naturally reduces stress, promotes relaxation and creates an overall sense of well being for the body and soul.

SWEDISH MASSAGE:            ½ hour $40             1 hour $65        1 ½ hour $90
Stress will wash away with this classic European form of massage which focuses on relaxation and calming muscular tension. Rhythmic gliding and kneading movements rejuvenate by increasing circulation and flush toxins from the body.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE:          ½ $50                1 hour $80
A more intense form of Swedish massage where the therapist will use fingertips, knuckles, elbows and forearms adjusted to your specific needs. Focused pressure is applied on specific areas known as adhesions to alleviate tension and pain. Relief throughout muscles can be felt for people with countless soft tissue imbalances.

HOT STONE MASSAGE:         ½ $85                         1 hour $115
A unique indulgence using smooth heated stones which are placed on the body and incorporated into an even more soothing Swedish massage. This brings us closer to nature as the earth’s stones anciently found by indigenous people to transfer healing and even more with therapeutic heat to increase muscle relaxation allowing for a more invigoration massage.

HEAT NECK & FACE MASSAGE:               ½ hour $45
Reduce stress with our mini massage treatment of the scalp, face, upper shoulders and neck focusing on using a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to clear your mind and balance energy.

INTEGRATED REFLEXOLOGY:     ½ hour $40             1 hour $65        1 ½ hour $90
Therapeutic pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet. These nerve endings send signals to the brain that will in turn stimulate the cooresponding body part. Reflexology allows the body to relax, release tension and improve the nerve and blood supply and cumulatively, it helps to adjust to its own healthy balance.

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